Yoga Foundations

Asana Essentials TBA.

We know that all bodies come in different shapes and sizes and often carry the different scars of our lives. It is because of this that we can not expect to all create the same looking “shapes” with our bodies in a practice.  Have you ever been in a class looking at the instructor or other students trying to move into a pose but your body is telling you & sometimes screaming at you to stop?

Asana Essentials is an explorative workshop for those of you who would like to deepen your knowledge of your body in yoga poses or for those of you who are fairly new to a practice and are just unsure of how to stand well in a pose.

This is not a beginners class but rather an informal workshop where we will take time to feel into all the foundations of a practice, from standing poses, balances, twists, backbends, forward bends and transitions.

This practice will help you become more familiar with your body in different shapes and poses while doing this in a safe way whilst learning how to modify for your body.

The 4 hour workshop begins at 9m sharp and concludes at 1pm. We will have a short break in between where tea and some light refreshments will be offered. 

Each person will receive a hard copy of the “Asana Essentials” booklet to take home and write notes in.

Places are limited to 8.

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