Restorative Yoga Class

Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing practice where you do not need any previous yoga experience to enjoy all it has to offer.

This practice is about relaxing the nervous system and calming the mind in supported poses. We will bring in lots of support for your body, so you feel comfortable and can create space to melt into deep rest. 

During this 90 minute class you will experience 4 – 5 poses supported by pillows, cushions, blankets and bolsters. This support will allow your body to unwind and your mind to soften.

This immersion is open to anyone wanting to take time out and deeply relax, including beginners.


Restorative yoga is a perfect way to relax and calm your body and ease your mind. At the end of the practice you will feel as though you are resting on a cloud. 

We finish each immersion with a cup of herbal tea before floating on out.

This immersion is offered on Sunday 21st of November 2021.

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