Restorative Yoga & Tea Ceremony
Friday the 9th of October 2020
6:00pm - 8:30pm

An evening of cultivating presence through a silent tea ceremony followed by a deliciously slow restorative practice.

Deeply relax on this 2 & 1/2 immersion connecting to the offerings of nature and the stillness within.

An intimate gathering of no more then 8 you will not only feel the connection to your own inner being but connection to the collective.

We will begin our evening with an elegant ritual of a tea ceremony. 

Sitting in silence together we will steep a cup of organic herbal tea in earth drawn clay mugs. 

Steeping tea and sipping tea is a powerful way to deeply connect to nature and cultivate presence. As we taste the tea & feel the warmth, we will slow down and connect to the natural elements of earth and become a witness to the present.

Following the tea ceremony we will take our connectedness inwards as we rest deeply in our restorative practice.

In this practice you will be supported with pillows, blankets and bolsters as you take a deeply nourishing yoga pose. Over the course of the evening we will take up to 6 poses allowing you to create a truly restorative practice. 

Our practice will finish with an organic vegan treat and another cup of herbal tea.

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