Tea Ceremony and Yoga Nidra Practice
Friday the 10th December 6 - 8pm

How does a warm night in sound?

Imagine…..relaxing and unwinding with an intimate silent tea ceremony where we will cultivate a deep sense of connection and presence. 

Steeping and sipping our tea together from earthen cups, feeling the bond to mother earth and each other.

In the sacred space co-created, you will relax deeply with a restorative yoga nidra practice, supported by pillows, blankets, and bolsters.

We will begin our evening in silence as we partake in the ritual of our tea ceremony.

Being a witness to the the creation of the herbal elixir, you will be invited to pour your tea into an earthen cup before enjoying the meditative stillness of sipping tea while connecting to mother nature. 

Time will be taken in this process as we enjoy the simple act of being still and quiet.

Following the tea ceremony you will experience the deeply relaxing practice of yoga nidra.

This practice (unlike the name suggests) does not involve yoga poses. You will be invited to lay in a comfortable position as I guide you through a body rotation, mindfulness of the breath and some visualization.

At the end of the evening you are invited to stay and enjoy a cup of tea and a treat as we enjoy the company of like minded souls.

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