About Me

My name is Katriena and I have been practising yoga for many years. For me yoga is not just about the physical pose and stretching your legs over your head, but what it can bring to your mind, spirit and body, in everyday life, away from the mat. It is about creating a deep personal connection to yourself and in turn carrying that inner light created during your practice, forward to others in your life.

Practicing yoga and meditation as well as completing my yoga certification, has helped me through some very emotional times in my life. Yoga has given me light, a new sense of being and ignited a passion in me to create a space for others to feel a sense of connection, light and well being through practicing yoga.

If I can pass just a little of that on to another person in each class I teach, it will be truly amazing, and well worth it.

Let me take you on a journey, and show you how yoga is for everyone and for every body.

Caloundra Yoga Studio Katriena

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