Free Mindfulness Classes

Weekly Mindfulness Class Live on Zoom.

Have you been curious about trying mindfulness and meditation but the thought of sitting cross-legged on a cushion sounds uncomfortable or difficult? Perhaps you think of mindfulness and meditation as a practice that you need to do for hours every day to reach “enlightenment”.

Join us until the end of the year for a free Mindfulness and Meditation Class and experience how you can feel a sense of peace and calm in all areas of your life, as well as understanding that this a practice that can be a part of everything you do.  

For more information about the long-term health and wellness benefits of mindfulness and meditation practice please continue to read below. 

Each class runs for 30 minutes on a Wednesday morning at 7am Brisbane time via Zoom.

Each week we will explore different mindfulness practices and techniques. You will also receive a weekly wisdom email with some brief information to help you on your mindfulness journey. 

This practice is both for beginners and for those of you who have a regular practice. In fact, I really encourage beginners to come along.

Please book your place below. 

Why Practice Mindfulness and Meditation?

There are so many health and wellbeing benefits to practicing mindfulness and meditation. No doubt you have heard of one or even some of these. 

Besides calming the monkey mind having a mindfulness and meditation practice may,


  • reduce stress
  • increase DHEA
  • improve production of melatonin
  • reduce anxiety
  • change the parts of your brain that help with memory and cognitive function
  • improves your immune response
  • reduce depression
  • improve attention

You may also experience,

  • less reactivity
  • improve listening skills
  • become more self aware of emotions and physical reactions
  • increase acceptance 
  • more gratitude and appreciation 
  • less judgment of yourself and others
Just a few minutes a day is all you need to begin to feel and see the benefits of this practice.

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